Beautiful Tacos at Tacomio


Every once in a while, the craving for tacos hit. Those are unbearable, really. I usually just end up hustling down to Gastown, all the while telling myself tacos aren’t exactly the healthiest food in the world. Still.

Vancouver seems to hold a sizable obsession for tacos. Yay! There are quite a few taco shops, both high-end and low, dotted around the city. I have walked past Tacomio a few times and never really got a chance to go in until finally my recent taco cravings hit.

Tacomio is a really small, tight space on Abbott street, besides Uyu Ice Cream. It has a few bar stools and high tables lining the walls, but it is mostly a grab-and-go place.

CHICHARRONES!!!! I love Chicharrones, especially when it’s made with the crunchy fried pork rind. This was the small order at Tacomio, but still substantial. They mixed the pork rind with tortilla chips and doused the lot in a smoky, BBQ mix seasoning, which made them a little salty with a slight kick. Great for snackin’. However, my one issue with the Chicharones is that their guacamole was sad. I saw the guacamole come out in that small to-go cup and felt sad. Knowing that just a few blocks away I can get a huge, beautiful and delicious bowl of guacamole at Tacofino for just a couple dollars more made me extra sad.

The drink on the side is their aguamia made with watermelon and basil. This was refreshing, not too sweet and I liked the touch of basil in the drink.

Isn’t it beautiful? I ordered four different ones, each with its own distinctive flavors. However, the only one I remember the most clearly and the most delicious one was the Tinga de pollo – pulled free run chicken with chipotle sauce, roasted onion and avocado lime pure. This one was spicy and acidic but not too heavy, because of the avocado lime pure.

While I wished some of the tacos I ordered had stronger flavors, Tacomio does have a salsa bar where you can add different salsas to your tacos, depending on your spice levels. Tacomio’s tacos are also quite reasonable. These 4 cost $10 and they were quite filling.



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