So Matcha Love at Chicco Cafe

It is only after I moved away from Vancouver that I realized how much I love Asian desserts. You never know what you’re missing until it’s gone.

Chicco Cafe is part of the Gyozaking restaurant group that also owns Gyoza King(never been), Gyo-O in Richmond(LOOOVVEEE this place!) and G-men Ramen Shop(awesome ramen!). Chicco Cafe is a tiny shop on Robson right beside Gyoza King, and they make some of the best matcha desserts I have ever tasted.

So here we have the matcha tiramisu, matcha ice cream sandwich and black sesame parfait. The matcha tiramisu is yummy, they replaced the lady fingers with matcha cake. It is only slightly sweet, creamy and light.

The matcha ice cream sandwich is fantastic. The ice cream inside is also matcha flavored and absolutely nails the bittersweet, nutty tea flavor. The sandwich is made of two pieces of large macaron cookies. While I cannot really taste the matcha flavor in the macarons, the cookies and the ice cream are not frozen stiff, so the sandwich is actually  easy to eat.

Another popular flavor in Asian desserts, especially cakes in Asian bakeries is chestnut. I love a good Mont Blanc. I have never made a Mont Blanc myself, but I imagine it is quite hard to balance the subtle nutty flavor of the chestnut with the sweetness in the rest of the dessert. Chicco Cafe’s Mont Blanc is delicious. While the chestnut cream on top is sweet, I can still taste the chestnut. Also, the crust at the bottom is actually a cookie crust, so it is more buttery crispy and less flakey. I should note that Chicco Cafe makes excellent langue de chat cookies. They sell them in little packages that make great gifts for friends or…a snack to munch on while you shop. Ahem.

This is their matcha cake. My favorite, other than the Mont Blanc. Their cake is truly matcha powder in cake form. The bitter, nutty matcha flavor is so strong, the cake is only slightly sweet. However, the cake is also quite dense, to the point of being dry. If you are more a fan of moist honey cakes, this might not be the cake for you.

Chicco Cafe is a great place for desserts or gift shopping. The six inch matcha cake is definitely something worth considering.


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