Charming Vegetarian Oasis at Verde Mesa

During my stay in Puerto Rico, I got the sense that Puerto Rican cuisine is very meat-and-starch heavy. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found Verde Mesa, which is essentially a vegetarian restaurant. They do serve fish but all of their food is healthy, like Whole-Foods-Market healthy. Plus the restaurant was beautiful.

Verde Mesa sits atop the peak of a hill in Old San Juan. The restaurant decor was French, rustic and charming  It was so gorgeous, I didn’t want to leave.

The Salmon tartar with salmon roe. While the presentation was cute and the salmon was fresh, I was expecting more in terms of quantity. This was the only disappointing dish I had.

Boquerones salad. So beautiful, no? The boquerones or white anchovies salad was fresh, flavorful and just a mess of beautiful crunchy textures. After eating so much meat and starch, this was just delightful.

Pumpkin Chia Custard with Coffee. The pumpkin chia custard was smooth and sweet, but what really stuck out for me was the coffee and how beautifully it was presented. Puerto Rico has excellent coffee and Verde Mesa’s americano was amazing. It was rich, creamy and very soothing. I think I’ll have all my coffee served on an antique silver tray now.

Purple Cloud. Best dish in the restaurant! This purple cloud is made by mixing broken baked meringue bits with yogurt, cream and berries. It’s honestly a very simple dessert but they made it beautifully. I loved the play on the different textures.

I thoroughly my visit to Verde Mesa, but I felt that it was a little overpriced. Their restaurant decoration and the presentation of the food were brilliant, and you can see the creativity in the dishes.


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