Tail Up Goat: Because Bon Appetit Said So

Recently, Bon Appetit announced the best 100 new restaurants in America and lo and behold, 3 restaurants in DC are on the list. Naturally, the fact that I am just minutes away from these gems was just absolute kryptonite to me. Adventure time!

Tail Up Goat is a Carribbean-Mediterranean restaurant located in Adams Morgan. It is quite a small and intimate space, and the atmosphere is very chill and inviting. They were also incredibly busy. I managed to get there within one hour of them opening on a Friday night and they were already full with a two to three hour wait for a table. Seriously!

This is the pici with uni, squash blossom and calabrian chili breadcrumbs. I swear, my first taste of this sent me into this ultra serene realm of calmness, where there was no stress, no problems, just pure magic…I swooned hard. Pici is like a fat spaghetti, and I am quite sure the pasta here is handmade and fresh. The perfect chewy, al dente texture just doesn’t seem to come from dry pasta. The uni sauce was umami, it tasted like butter and the sea. The chili breadcrumbs added some texture and spice, but the sauce was just smooth, creamy with the distinctive flavor of the uni. Incredible.

Bon Appetit named Tail Up Goat for best pasta of the year as well, specifically for the lasgana. The lasagna here is made with goat, anchovy, kale and salsa verde.  It tasted as beautiful as it looks. The goat meat was torn and stuffed between layers of the al-dente pasta. It was tender, flavorful and not gamey at all. I especially liked the fact that the lasagna did not come covered in a pool of sauce and cheese. While they included the crushed tomatoes, I adored the sharp and tangy salsa verde. It lightened the dish a lot. The fact that the lasagna is almost bare also kept the dish from being too heavy. I loved this and I can see why the creative take on the lasagna caught Bon Appetit’s attention.

Orange and olive oil sherbet with black lime cashews and ginger crumble. This was such a light and sweet finish to an incredible dinner. I loved the blend of orange and olive oil with the ginger. It tastes like summer and fall. The black lime cashews were tangy and added a nice crunch to the sherbet too.

Tail Up Goat was incredible, and I can see why it’s adored by both the critics and the people. While the meal was expensive, the food was delicious, comforting and creative.



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