Doughnuts and Thighs at Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

Having lived in DC for a bit, I noticed that there seems to be a fondness here for fried chicken and donuts. The Canadian part of me thought it was really American. I have seen newspaper articles ranking the best fried chicken and donuts in town. I don’t normally eat fried chicken or doughnuts, finding one too oily and the other too sweet. However, with the obsession for them here, I naturally don’t want to be left out.

I visited Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, because well, that name is awesome, and because they have some unique seasonal donut flavors.

Check out the size of that thigh! I got two pieces of dark meat for my fried chicken, which includes one thigh and one leg. The chicken was oh so tender and juicy, and has a crispy, well-seasoned batter. It was just so satisfying to tear into it.

This is Astro’s spiced pear almond, and it’s one of their new seasonal flavors for fall. I liked the warm and sweet cinnamon-y glazing with a light pear flavor and the crunch from the candied sliced almonds. The donut itself was soft and pillowy. I was expecting to see poached pear bits on the donut, but I guess they only added the pear to the glazing. I like the creative flavor, but I found the donut really filling, because the donut was quite sweet and rather substantial in size. Astro’s donuts also reminded me of the artisanal donut shops we have in Vancouver, like Lucky’s and Cartem donuterie. I love their creativity and the variety of flavors these shops come up with. Much more enjoyable than Tim Horton’s. Yep. I said that.

Astro really delivered on their specialties. Their fried chicken was on point and the donuts was sweet and fun. When I was there, there was a line up outside the shop, with people coming in either to grab a quick lunch or to get boxes of donuts. I don’t know if I will go back soon, but if I ever want to get a delicious, greasy, so-bad-it-must-be-good-for-you lunch, I know where to go.



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