Thomas, my love, we meet again

I think there should be a rule somewhere, a foodie trip to Vancouver is not complete without a visit to Thomas Haas.

During my trip, I just so happened to be in the neighborhood. Since it was still quite early in the day, I decided to visit Thomas, for nostalgia’s sake. (Thomas Haas’s business hours are quite early in the day, and their desserts also sell out early. Do try to go early if you can, or you might be left with scraps. Literally.)

For this visit, we again tried something new and picked an old favorite.

I’m sure you are well aware, we are neck deep in the season of Pumpkin Spice Everything. I try to avoid the hype, but when Thomas offers it, I surrender to temptation. This is Thomas’s Pumpkin Pie. It is beautifully decorated with autumn colors and it tastes decadent. The little cuddly whipped cream dollops are dusted with cinnamon and  the spiced pumpkin filling inside is the perfect blend of sweet and warm. The crust was buttery and flaky and easily breakable with a fork. I kind of love the fact that the Pumpkin Pie is decorated so beautifully outside, and hide the mustard puke brown pumpkin filling inside. Maybe it’s just me but pumpkin filling…is not the most photogenic filling in the world. Just sayin’.

The Mango tart was the Special of the Day, and I loved it. The mango cream dollops on top were sweet, light and had a very intense mango flavor. Same for the mousse on the bottom. While savoring this, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that though there was not a slice of mango in sight, the flavor was so intense it was like I was eating actual mangoes. I liked the use of pistachio slices and the coconut flakes in the dessert. They added some crunch and color and kept to the tropical theme in the dessert, which was a wonderful respite from the moody Raincouver weather. The bottom of the tart was a thin sheet of crispy cookie, which did not taste soggy at all, despite being weighed down by the rest of the dessert.

We also had the Fresh Raspberry Cake, which is a regular feature at Thomas. It is gluten-free. With the fresh tartness of the raspberry, and the nutty almonds, I felt like I was actually eating something healthy instead of an incredibly decadent dessert.

Again, another happy experience at Thomas Haas. I try to find fault in Thomas, but so far, my happy place can do no wrong.


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