Like a true fishermen, Taiyaki at On Yogurt

I think this post is another example of the length I am willing to go for food.

Picture this, I am about a day away from leaving Vancouver, feeling a little sick with a cold that is slowly taking hostage of my nose and mouth, and it was a typical rainy Vancouver day. Instead of hiding under my blanket and chugging hot water to get rid of the cold before my flight (it was absolutely miserable), I was walking in the rain, because I found out that On Yogurt was finally bringing Taiyaki to Vancouver.

On Yogurt is famous for their ice-fried yogurt that they make on order, freezing the yogurt into thin sheets and rolling them up like fruit roll-ups. The Taiyaki they recently introduced include putting the ice-fried yogurt rolls into the fishy cake and one where they had creme brulee custard in the fishy cake. Due to my cold, I decided to be smart about it and got the creme brulee taiyaki.

Isn’t it cute? And it was delicious! They put a lot of thought into this too, because one side of the fish waffle was actually a croissant and the other side was pancake. The croissant was flaky, a little thin but held up well against the creme brulee custard in the middle. The pancake was really fluffy and really paired well with the custard. The creme brulee itself was smooth and creamy. I like the fact that the dessert overall was not overly sweet. However, I wish the croissant side was a little more substantial, maybe flakier. The creme brulee had a sugar crust, but it could’ve been crispier. Still, I did go as soon as they roll these out, so they maybe much improved.

That slice of baked dry lemon was fantastic by the way. Crispy dry and very tart. A nice balance to the dessert.

Also, isn’t this the cutest space ever? I loved the animal motif in the decoration. I can definitely see myself returning for more, perhaps for the Taiyaki with the ice-fried yogurt next time.


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