Tacofino: Tots & Tacos


When I left Vancouver this summer, Tacofino’s Yaletown location was just opening up. I haven’t had a chance to visit until now and I was glad that I did.

Jumbo Tacofino Tacos!! Having been to a few taco places in Vancouver, I still return to Tacofino. Their tacos are huge, and the flavors are on point.

The fish taco is a must order. Yes it’s $6 but they definitely give you your money’s worth. The batter on the fish was crispy and the fish was tender and a little fatty. The mountain of sliced cabbage and salsa on top adds to the crunch and keeps the taco tasting light.

The lemongrass chicken taco is unique to the Yaletown location, I believe. The lemongrass flavor was subtle but the chicken was tender, and I liked the spice from the jalapenos and sriracha. The pickled daikon and carrots added some sweetness and acidity and gave the taco a Vienamese flavor too. It’s like a banh mi taco.

The tater tots. These came with salsa, cilantro and crema, but unfortunately, the tater tots needed some more flavor. I like the idea of tots being made like nachos, because sometime you just want to eat something greasy, but the tots themselves were rather bland. The tots tasted like a blend of potatoes and maybe turnips/cabbage, because the texture was different, but I think overall the dish needed more flavor. If they piled on the queso, salsa and cilantro on the tater tots like they do with their nachos, then these tater tots will taste a lot better.

Still, I will probably go back to Tacofino when the cravings hit. There are also a lot more burrito options at the Yaletown location too. And Churrroooosss!! I am kicking myself for skipping the churros last time! Definitely not making that mistake again.


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