Let me show you the world…with food at Compass Rose


Having had the beautiful pide at Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen in Kerrisdale, I was very happy to know that DC has a restaurant, Compass Rose, that does the traditional Georgian Khachapuri, with egg, cheese and buttaahhh!!!

Compass Rose is a small, narrow restaurant located just off 14th street, a very trendy and beautiful neighbor with lots of fun shops, Trader Joe’s and Restaurants. The interior of Compass Rose was very colorful and rustic-looking. What is really special about Compass Rose is that every dish on their menu originated from a different country, so that by ordering different dishes, you get to essentially “travel the world” and try different cuisines. With food as such an integral part of culture, I am all for this type of adventuring.

Gorgeous!! This is the Smorrebord, representing Denmark on the menu. It’s house-cured steelhead trout, dill-caper remoulade, trout roe and flowers atop a slice of rye bread. I honestly have not seen such a beautiful open-faced sandwich before. And it was delicious. The steelhead trout was smokey and salty, and the dill-caper remoulade was creamy and a little tangy, which help cuts through the saltiness of the cured fish. The taste of the trout roe was kind of overpowered by everything else, but the trout roe and flowers just made the sandwich incredibly beautiful. I think I’m becoming partial to having all my sandwiches decorated with roe and flowers now.

The Kogi Ribs, representing Korea. It is berkshire pork with honey-ginger scallion marinade and summer slaw. This was incredible. The berkshire pork was tender, sweet and a little spicy from the marinade and pink peppercorn. There was also a slightly chewy texture to the ribs that I really enjoyed, and the meat came cleanly off the bone.

Finally, the Khachapuri. Georgian cheese-filled bread with organic egg and local butter. They added a line of dried herbs on top to add some greens and color, but I don’t think it was necessary. This sexy boat of cheese was just finnnee all on its own. The Khachapuri arrived at my table in its splendid self on the wood board. It is meant to be eaten after the cheese, egg and butter has been mixed together and let sit for a few seconds to become a nice, cheesy stew. The Khachapuri was definitely cheesy and a litte smokey like it was fresh from the oven. There is grilled cheese, then there’s Khachapuri. However, I was quite surprised that it was the size of a third of my table! I barely finished the Kogi ribs, and I could barely finish half of the Khachapuri. Not wanting the yummy food to go to waste, I packed everything to go. Much to my surprise, the Khachapuri and the ribs tasted just as great, if not better, even after I just reheated them in the microwave. The flavors seems to have sat in a little more, making everything taste just a little stronger.


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