Dreaming of being a vegetarian at Chaia


I love me some tacos…especially when they have bombastic flavors!!

I found Chaia when I was wondering around Georgetown one day. Chaia is a tiny store tucked into a side street away from the busy shopping central on M Street. They only make vegetarian tacos, and they offer them at 1 for $3.75 or 3 for $11.

I got sweet potato hash, creamy kale and potato and cumin-roasted cauliflower. Having tried them, I think they are well worth the price. These tacos are made with hand-griddled corn tortillas, so there is a certain softness to the tortillas that makes them different from regular tortillas made with flour. The tacos are quite large with generous filling. Granted, they are not Tacofino large, but still substantial and after eating three of them, all made with vegetables, I did not miss the meat.

The sweet potato hash taco is made with feta, arugula pumpkin seed salsa and cilantro. The feta and salsa definitely toned down the sweetness in the sweet potato. The cheese and cilantro also added more texture and flavor to the taco.

The kale and potato taco came with pepper jack cheese, poblano crema, green sauce and pickled onion. This taco was fantastic. The pickled onion added some acidity to balance out all the cheese and spice. The kale was really soft, and just tasted like a creamy mess with the potato which worked well with the rest of the flavors. However, the starchy potato did make this one very filling.

My favorite was the cumin-roasted cauliflower. Pairing cumin with fresh basil and the texture of the roasted cauliflower that still had some bite was just money. Each taco had strong flavors, but the cauliflower was phenomenal.

I would probably visit Chaia quite often if I live near Georgetown. Rarely do I find a vegetarian restaurant where I don’t mind the fact that there’s no meat. I really liked that Chaia dresses all the tacos with micro greens; it just makes the tacos look so pretty and healthy. It also made me feel extra virtuous for downing three tacos, all with generous cheese toppings. Ha!



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