One Spicy Farmer’s Daughter at &pizza


I know, the picture kind of looks like a hot mess. But seriously, aren’t the best pizzas the messy ones?

&pizza is a DC-based pizza chain. Their signature is the long, rectangular shape of their craft pizza that are made on order. I got the Farmer’s Daughter, which has spicy tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella, Italian sausage, egg, parmesan and hot sauce.

The pizza had a crispy thin crust and it definitely had a nice kick from the hot sauce drizzled all over the pizza. I thought the toppings were well-balanced. The tomato sauce wasn’t extremely sour or spicy, the spinach was just welted and the melted mozzarella just made everything cheesy and gooey. There wasn’t a lot of sausage, which I enjoyed. But the best bit was of course the egg. They had two over easy eggs on the pizza, and the yolks were still slightly runny when the pizza got to the table. Definitely one of the best breakfast pizzas I’ve ever had.


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