Rollin’ into 2017 with IceQueen

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday with lots of amazing eats and dranks and celebration with loved ones.

In terms of New Year Resolutions, particularly those like ‘lose 10 pounds,’ ‘go to the gym’…I adopt the mindset of: let nature take its course. I actually eat quite healthy(fruit and veggie fly, I am) when I am not eating my little heart out when I dine out. I find that putting a resolution like ‘lose 10 pounds’ in front of me actually makes me even more reluctant to diet and behave. However, I find resolutions like ‘being more open minded about food,’ ‘go on more foodie adventures’ to be quite enticing and doable.

So of course, I thought it would be appropriate to start the new year by visiting the new and currently the ‘only'(I have great respect for Vancity’s restaurant’s scene and competition, I expect we will probably get more shops in the future) roll-up ice cream shop in Vancouver, IceQueen!

IceQueen is located at Aberdeen Centre, literally steps away from the Aberdeen station of the Canada Line. Very dangerous, especially for moi. They have about 6-7 flavors for roll-up ice cream, some slushy/smoothie options and I think they are trying out making Taiyaki as well.

I got the Matcha World, which has rolled-up matcha ice cream, topped with soft and chewy mochi, smashed red bean, whipped cream, matcha poke sticks, some matcha drizzle and a matcha macaron, which I saw them take out of a box, so I am assuming they didn’t make them in house.

The ice cream was actually quite good. I can taste the nutty matcha flavor, but it was not so bitter that it overwhelmed the sweetness of the dessert. The toppings added more flavor and texture contrast and just made this cup of ice cream very fun to eat. For people that have not seen how roll-up ice cream is made, please get thee to Youtube or Instagram and watch the 60 second videos. The roll-up ice creams are very entertaining to watch while its being made. More fun than the nitrogen ice cream, I think.

Also, I was surprised by how hard the roll-up ice cream was. Having seen the guy scrape the sheet of ice cream into rolls, I assumed that the ice cream would be quite soft and melty, but they were like ‘straight out of the freezer’ hard and maintained the rolled-up shape. I feel bad for the employee working at roll-up ice cream shops. I can’t imagine it is easy to fry, scrape and roll up the ice cream all day long. It probably takes a lot of upper arm strength.

Still, I really enjoyed the treat, even though Vancouver’s been quite sassy this year and showing us that it too can give us a snowy winter where the snow actually sticks to the ground. Below zero weather is still ice cream weather!

The roll-up ice cream came to about $10. It is not cheap. However, it is made to order and you get a show out of it.


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