Have you Poke yet?

On my last quick trip back to Vancouver, I did not have time to visit one of the many Poke shops in town. I was quite remiss I did not get to join the hype. I remedied that.

I chose the recently opened Poke Shop in Gastown, because I like the many options of proteins they offer and the unlimited toppings!

I got the regular bowl with two proteins, which came to about $13-14 and I chose wild sockeye salmon and baby scallops. In my photo, it may seem like I went a little crazy on the unlimited toppings options. But rest assured, I stuck to the greens and I did not try to build a little mountain of toppings. No promise I will not try to do that next time though.

The seafood was tasty and the toppings do make it a lot of fun. I like how with poke, you can turn the bowl into a very healthy salad. However, while I like the fact that the fresh sashimi was so generously sauced you can’t really taste any fishiness, I also think that the sauce takes away the natural, clean fish taste. I understand the hype of poke shops. It is probably a healthier type of fast food, and it is fun to try Hawaiian food, because I don’t think Vancouver actually has a Hawaiian restaurant. But I think if I want to eat sashimi, I will still want to go to a sushi bar.

Also, is it just me or do other people find the many poke shops in town with almost identical names quite confusing?


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