Bowl and Bao at Heritage Asian Eatery

Bao, bao, bao-bao-bao, bao, bao, bao, baaaooooo…..

I love Game of Thrones. Like many people on the internet, I used to hate the theme song, thinking it’s so much, now I will hum it whenever I can. Like when I’m enjoying an awfully delicious bao at Heritage Asian Eatery.

I’ve heard about Heritage Asian Eatery opening and the love it was getting on Instagram by many foodies in the city. I have never been until now and I wish I went sooner. I understand the hype and I like it!

The Pork Belly Bao with kimchi daikon, crispy onion and hoisin sauce. Just reading the menu makes my mouth water. As the menu states, the bao is full of flavor and texture. The kimchi daikon adds some spice and acidity. The crispy onion was crunchy and the cilantro on top kept everything fresh tasting. The pork belly in the bao was tender, meaty and flavorful without being too fatty tasting. There was quite a bit of sauce, and though the bao held up well against all the filling, there were some messy eating involved.

I went to Heritage Asian Eatery a little later in the day so I did not get the breakfast bowl, unfortunately. (Next time!!) This is the Duck bowl with duck leg in pecking sauce, roasted duck breast, crispy onions, water cress, pickled veggies and DAT EGG!! This was a very wholesome bowl, very comforting. At first I was skeptical about the duck breast, but it turned out to be very tender, almost juicy, though I did not like the fact that the duck breast was drowning in sauce. I wanted to taste the duck. There were also shredded duck under the crispy onion, which was also well-seasoned, though a tad salty. Of course, everything tasted much better after I tore the egg up and mixed everything in. I have read some reviews saying the duck bowl tasted rather one-note. I did not find that. I thought each element in the bowl had its own flavor and the pickled veggies cut through the meaty richness in the rest of the bowl.

I will definitely come back, perhaps even earlier in the day so I can try out their breakfast items. The restaurant looks like a fast food restaurant and it operates similarly. You order up front and pick up your tray of goodness when they call you. But what Heritage dishes out is no junk food. I really appreciate the use of Asian and some Taiwanese flavors in the menu, particularly the fact that the restaurant is located among the many office buildings downtown in Coal Harbor. A fun lunch options for people working in that area for sure.


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