I Aburi love Green Leaf Sushi


As you know, my love for Thomas Haas is deep and true. However, when I come up for air from imbibing in my Thomas obsession, I noticed that Thomas is actually located close to a great sushi place that does fantastic and cheap aburi sushi!!

Green Leaf Sushi is a small and quaint restaurant in Kerrisdale, by West Broadway and Waterloo. The restaurant is not only named “Green Leaf,” the interior of the restaurant is also painted a bright apple green. While I was not as impressed with the interior, I did enjoy the food.

The Star: the Aburi Combo, where you get about six pieces each of the salmon, prawn, scallop, sweet vinegar marinated mackerel, tobiko roe and soy marinated tuna aburi rolls. The menu says the preparation time for the combo is 30 minutes, but I saw the chef in the back double fisting two torches and our beautiful platter of fishes came out in about fifteen minutes. Efficient. Though the Aburi Combo cost $65, for the quantity and taste, I thought it was worth it. Each flavor was distinct and I thought they were all delicious. I particularly liked the Basil Ebi version, where the torched prawns were flavored with basil pesto; the Italian fusion was really creative and a nice surprise. The hotate scallops were the most tender, almost creamy, of all the rolls. However, I was a little disappointed that the aburi rolls, while gorgeous and delicious, were very breakable. There were some special chopstick maneuvering involved in order to hold up each piece perfectly and not have chunks of rice falling off. Green Leaf’s aburi combo is definitely cheaper than Miku or Minami, but having tried Minami’s aburi rolls, Green Leaf’s aburis do not taste the same.

I see your healthy bibimbap stone bowl, and I raise with the Uni meshi ishiyaki!

This was bomb. From the tender, sweet uni morsels on top to the wild mushroom mixed with the sweet Japanese rice underneath, everything was perfect. This was so comforting I wanted to take a nap after. I understand that sea urchin is an acquired taste and some people might be put off by its appearance. I know what it looks like. However, give it a try when you have a chance. You might be delighted that it taste like butter from the sea and melts like one. Now, sea urchin is high in cholesterol and probably shouldn’t be partaken regularly, but when I was enjoying this bowl of goodness, cholesterol was the last thing on my mind.


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