Volcanic Ice Cream Break at Ice Cream Jubilee


You know those times when you are so hungry and stressed with deadlines and you are feeling really exasperated, so instead of rushing to knock out as many deadlines as possible, you take a 30 minute train ride and try out a new ice cream place? No? Just me? Finnneee.

Anyway, I had one of those days, so I visited Ice Cream Jubilee, an ice cream parlor in DC that I have been eyeing for a while. It was adorable! The ice cream parlor was actually started by a Chinese-American woman who switched lanes from being a lawyer in both NY and DC to pursuing her passion in making ice cream and desserts and opened Ice Cream Jubilee. Getting to know a little back story of the places I visit makes the experience all the more enjoyable. It was incredible to learn that the owner got to change careers and create something as cute as the ice cream shop.

Ice Cream Jubilee currently has two stores in DC, one in Navy Yard and one on U Street, the store I visited today. Their slogan is “Made By Friends” and honestly the whole store felt fun and relaxing.  The servers were really nice and friendly as well. I tried out a few flavors before buying and all the flavors I tried(Kahlua Truffle Sorbet, verrryyy chocolatey and vegan too; pumpkin honeycomb, spicy; and cookie and cookie dough, yum and their best seller) were rich and on point.

They have a couple of sundae options. And this is cutely named the Volcano Cookie Sundae, because in the paper bowl, they have a chunky chocolate and walnut cookie which they warmed slightly in the microwave, before they top it with the volcano: two scoop of ice cream, then hot fudge or hot caramel sauce. At the cashier, they also give you the option of adding cookie cone bits, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Of course, I got some sprinkles.

The two ice cream flavors I chose were marionberry and honey lemon lavender. The marionberry flavor is mixed with graham cracker bits. I liked the tartness of the marionberry in the ice cream, and the plum color looks pretty, but I think I would’ve preferred the cookie and cookie dough ice cream. The mix of cookie dough with smooth and chewy ice cream seems a better fit for a sundae. The honey lemon lavender flavor was really strong. I could taste the lavender even with all the cookie and hot fudge sauce mixed between, but the lavender flavor wasn’t so strong that it was cloying. The lemon just left a light citrusy aftertaste, so it blends well with the rest of the ice cream.

I will probably return to Ice Cream Jubilee, just because I had so much fun today. However, I think I will just be getting the ice cream without the sundae next time. I had a great time dressing up my sundae, but I think all the sweetness and sugar really cuts into the unique flavors of the ice cream, which is kind of disappointing. Lastly, they gave me a punch card, which is honestly just detrimental for a ice cream junkie like me. Gotta fill up my punch card, you know?


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