Dolcezza Gelato, Round 2 for Quality Control

Now that I am writing a food blog, I am extra aware of the importance of investigative journalism, thorough research and quality control.

A while ago, I visited Dolcezza Gelato at CityCenter in DC. When I visited Bethesda Row, which is a very cute neighborhood that has lots of fun shops and restaurants, kind of like South Granville, I spied Dolcezza.

Naturally, I have to go in, because, as I have mentioned: investigative journalism, thorough research, and quality control. I gotta make sure this Dolcezza shop at Bethesda Row is as good as the one in CityCenter, no?

I got the Champagne Mango and Ginger Cardamom Pistachio. I seriously enjoy the fact that Dolcezza is always bringing out new flavors.

The Champagne Mango had a very intense mango flavor, but less of the bubble. It was almost sorbet like, but still smooth like gelato.

I loved the Ginger Cardamom Pistachio. The cardamom and pistachio flavors were very clear, lightly sweet and nutty from the pistachio. The ginger just left a nice warmth at the back of the throat, it was really subtle and did not overpower the other two flavors. The balance between the icy gelato and the heat of the ginger was on point.

Overall, it was another enjoyable visit at Dolcezza, gelato-wise. But I was a little peeved that the guy that helped with my order just assumed I wanted a small cup.When I realized, the gelato was already in the cup and I couldn’t change my order. Next time, I’m gonna be very clear on the cup size and just tell them to fill it up!



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