Dessert Breakfast at Tatte

Tatte Bakery and Cafe is a chain restaurant in the Cambridge-Boston area. Similar to Flour, they serve breakfast items, pastries, cakes and other kinds of sweets. Tatte feels and tastes a little more upscale. I visited their store in Harvard Square for breakfast.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Window shopping for breakfast.
When I started calculating if I can bring some of these back in my luggage without damaging them. The treats look so pretty all wrapped up and boxed.
Their window display is not at Purebread level, but they can definitely compete with Batard Boulangerie. Have you been to Batard? You should, especially if you like nutty, multigrain bread that weighs about as heavy as a newborn baby.


My breakfast. See, so modest! I only ended up with two pastries! Fine, I was sitting by the window because I wanted a shot with the natural morning light, so I didn’t want to order too many and give the good pedestrians of Cambridge a show/fright. But seriously, Tatte’s pastries are amazing. On the right is pistachios in a box. Literally, they made a rectangular, buttery tart box, added a thin layer of syrup on the bottom as glue, then just filled the little box with pistachios. There was no filler-custard in this box, just straight up roasted pistachios lightly coated with syrup. On the left is a chocolate-hazelnut twist. As you can see, I love nuts in my pastries. The chocolate-hazelnut twist was actually more firm and bread-like than I expected, and it had a nice crust and a soft center. This was not flakey and buttery at all. Still, the twist tore apart easily and the light coat of chocolate wasn’t too sweet, and worked well with the roasted hazelnut.

For the quality of pastries they serve, Tatte is actually not that expensive. However, while I was sitting there enjoying my morning treat, a large group of students, Harvard students, mind you, came in for a snack/lunch. As Tatte is directly across the street from Harvard, I realized, so this is how Harvard students live. Sigh…


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