Hello from Boston! But First, Ice Cream!

I took a little break from real life, and flew north to Boston for a few days. In my research for food in Boston, Toscanini’s continues to pop up. Being the ice cream junkie that I am, I promised myself I have to go.

I went literally after I dropped off my suitcase at the airbnb. Toscanini’s just so happened to be within walking distance of where I was staying. Not that I intentionally planned it that way. No way, I am NOT that crazy!


Anyway, Toscanini’s is an ice cream parlor that first opened in 1981 by a group of friends and family. All their ice creams are made in-house and since they first opened almost three decades ago, Boston Magazine has repeatedly named Toscanini’s as the Best Ice Cream in the City. New York Times even went further and said they have the best ice cream in the world.

As much as I wanted to try every flavor, I restrained myself. But I did end up with the big cup. I got two healthy scoops of b3(brown butter, brown sugar and fatty chunks of brownie!) and the Bourbon Vienna Finger Cookies. They. Were. Amazing!!

The b3 is Toscanini’s signature. It is buttery rich, tastes a little like burnt caramel and the generous, chocolatey brownie chunks just made it even more heavenly. The ice cream itself was also quite smooth and thick, so even though I was eating this in below zero weather(thank you, winter storm Stella), the ice cream was, in a way, nourishing.

The Bourbon Vienna Finger Cookies was also quite delicious. Toscanini’s website called it a mistake, I’m not sure why. While overall the ice cream tasted like vanilla, there was also a very subtle whisp of Bourbon, and the cookies just added some buttery, crumbly texture. I really like my ice cream to be mixed with other ingredients, like nuts, brownies or cookies like here. Toscanini’s of course has lots of ice cream flavors that are just smooth creaminess with nothing else added, but for those that like their ice cream a lil chunky, with a lil more texture, these two flavors are fantastic.

Now, to compare with my Vancouver favorite, Ernest: Ernest’s ice cream have very strong flavors. Whatever they say is in their ice creams’ flavor profile, they deliver it loud and clear. Toscanini’s while they also have strong flavors, their ice creams are a little more buttery, a little more rich and I think slightly sweeter too.



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