Cambridge Photo Journal


I’m trying something new here. Taking a break from our regular programming, I want to share with you some photos of places I visited during the trip. Hope you like it.

Apparently, this is the oldest poetry bookshop in the US.
The inside of Grolier Poetry. It was quite small, sitting behind Harvard Book Store.
Yep. Harvard Book Store. Right across from Harvard U. I’ve always thought UBC is a little intense with their branding…they’ve got nothing on big ole Harvard.
Inside of Harvard Book Store. I didn’t dare look too closely at the books or my grabby little paws might come out. But still, cozy non?
See that? It’s the slidey-ladder thingy from Beauty and the Beast!! Beauty and the Beast is REAL!!!
This is for my friend Nafiza. There’s a whole section of children’s lit right here for you.
How could I visit Cambridge without a visit to Harvard? It was surreal walking in that campus, like I couldn’t believe I’m allowed in this place. The campus was beautiful and historic. I couldn’t get over how the campus itself is surrounded by walls and gated, but it is right next to Cambridge the city, so people can just walk right in…if the gates are open of course.
This photo is for me. If you have been following this blog, you probably figured out that I’m a law student. Not a Harvard law student. But still, actually being able to stand in front of Langdell Hall…I couldn’t believe this building is real (FYI, Harvard Law School has 19+ buildings, this is just one of them). I hope I get smarter from this visit.

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