Sweet, sweet sticky bun at Flour Bakery + Cafe

Not quite Purebread-level of window display insanity, but still pleasing on the eyes.

When I was in Cambridge, I visited Flour Bakery + Cafe, because I needed some fortification before walking in the freezing cold to visit Harvard University (thanks, winter storm Stella). Flour Bakery + Cafe is a chain store in the Boston-Cambridge area. They serve cakes, pastries, sandwiches and other quick lunch items. The sticky bun, however, is quite famous, and I can see why.

I swear, the moment I saw the buns on a plate, I could hear the song…

Pour some sugar on me…

The sticky bun tastes like the sleeker and sexier version of a cinnamon bun. Cinnamon bun is great and all, but personally…the heavy, sugary frosting, and dear god, raisins…just no. The sticky bun is, yes, very sticky, like caramel-sticky. The chopped up pecans drowning in the caramel however were roasted and crunchy, and added a  wonderful nutty texture to balance out the sweetness. The bun itself was not too sweet, heavy, but a little dry.

This is probably a once in a long while treat. The syrupy sweetness is like an instant sugar high. But seriously, it glistens and shines so prettily in the afternoon sun, non?



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