Foodie Heaven at Boston Eataly

Last time I went to New York, I visited the Eataly in the Flatiron district and promptly fell in love. When I visited Boston, I was so happy that there is an Eataly at Prudential Center I went twice! Here are some photos of the wonderful treasures in the marketplace and of course, food!

Buckets of Italian chocolate sweets that you can grab and window shopping by the glass counter.
I think I’ve died and gone to pasta heaven. Like five rows of pasta, not kidding.
Beautiful fresh fish. I ate so much seafood in Boston, but I still want more. Addicted.
Food! Okay, so one of the best things about Eataly is that besides the markets selling groceries, meats, seafood, cheese and bread, there are lots of little restaurants and cafe counters dotted around the marketplace. It’s the best place to eat and shop at the same time. This is the Polpo at Il Pesce, the seafood restaurant. I’ve been craving grilled octopus and this was fantastic. The grilled tentacle was a little salty but still tender and chewy, almost a little creamy in the center. The saltiness of the octopus was offset by the acidic preserve lemon and sweet fava bean puree.
Fresh burrata from Campania with roasted tomato. This was from La Piazza, which is actually four bars forming a little city square in the middle of the market, right under some skylights to get that al fresco feel. La Piazza offers a little bit of everything, seafood, oysters, cheese, cured meats, pastas and other mains. I think one of my favorite cheeses is the burrata. It just taste so fresh, clean, milky and a little grassy. Plus, you have to eat them fresh, which makes them a little more precious…and a little more expensive too. But I was on vacation so I indulged. *wink The burrata was fantastic here, very fresh, and I love that they just gave you the whole ball to slice and smear as you please. One thing I did not like was that the bread was cold. I get that, for efficiency’s sake, they just bake the same crusty wheat bread, slice and wrap them up in wax paper to make them easy to serve. But I’m pretty sure the meal would be so much better if the bread was toasted, or a little charred from the grill. And as much as I love Eataly, eating in the restaurants there is not cheaper than eating at a restaurant outside, so an extra step would be nice, no?

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