Lady M: Is it ladylike if you eat from a to-go box?

As you probably know, Lady M is an ultra-luxe cake boutique with stores mostly on the East Coast, and Southeast Asia. They specialize in mille crepes, which is a cake made by painstakingly making a tall stack of thin crepes with layers of cream between each crepe. The type of cake I will happily shell out cash for because I know I don’t have to patience or expertise to make at home.

Lady M’s mille crepes are also exceptional because while their cakes do have like 40 layers of crepes, they are so soft and creamy and melty, you don’t taste the layers. I’ve had the famous green tea mille crepes in their New York shop before, and was blown away by how airy and sweet it was, with the nutty bitterness of the green tea.

When I was in Boston, I debated going to Lady M, because I’ve already tried their cake before. Was it necessary to visit them and take up precious real estate in my stomach, when there are tons of other food I can eat in Boston? Oh, but their Boston shop has an exclusive red bean mille crepes, only available at their store. Damn.

FOMO. Seriously.

I went to their store on Newbury Street, and was actually quite surprised by how compact it was. They literally just have a display case with their cakes, then a little fast-food counter, where people pick-up their cakes. This was far from the shiny, bright, marble-floored cafe they have in New York. I was a little disappointed, but I still got my cakes.

I know, I don’t like taking pictures of food in a to-go box either, it totally ruins the aesthetics. But still, the one on the right is the exclusive red bean mille crepes, and the left is their gateau aux marrons, because I’m a sucker for anything sweet with chestnut in it.

The verdict?

The red bean mille crepes was quite sweet, much sweeter than the green tea version. The beans were very finely grounded and didn’t have that signature nutty adzuki flavor, which I’m a little sad about. The edge of the cake was actually drier than I expected. I’m assuming it’s because they didn’t spread the cream between the layers all the way to the end, but I didn’t expect the crepes to be dry.

The gateau aux marrons was very creamy, with soft almond flour cake underneath. It was less sweet, the chestnut flavor was not as pronounced, but I preferred this cake over the mille crepes.

Would I visit Lady M again if I get the chance? Probably. I still haven’t tried their earl grey mille crepes, and the marrons version(seriously, addicted) looks intriguing. However, I think I’ll go to a Lady M store with a dine-in area. These cakes deserve to be savored, preferably with a mug of hot, bitter black tea, on a cold, rainy day.

P.S. Lady M is expensive. Don’t be surprised by the price if you go. My two little slices in a to-go box cost $16. A little fancy yes, but these crepes takes patience


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