The Truffle and Uni Life at Waypoint

A foodie goal I had for my trip to Boston was uni pasta. As much as I love uni, I have yet to eat uni pasta that does not skimp on the ingredient and is actually rich with the sea buttery flavor. I’ve searched high and low, and found a place that combines my love for uni and Italian food in Waypoint. Their uni bucatini is pretty close to perfect.

First, an appetizer. King salmon crudo with pesto, chives and fried garlic chips. This was a very light tasting dish. The salmon wasn’t marinated or dressed with too much flavor, so the sweet and buttery fresh fish taste shines bright The garlic chips were a little pungent, but didn’t take away too much attention from the salmon. The king salmon also tasted a little extra fatty than other salmon, which is a bonus.

And the lovely uni bucatini, with smoked egg yolk, pecorino and bottarga. Isn’t it gorgeous? So vibrant and lush? I loved this dish. The uni cream sauce coating the pasta was rich, creamy, and the sweet sea butter flavor was there. However, the pecorino and the bottarga, which is salted and cured fish roe, were quite salty and overpowered the uni flavor slightly. The smoked egg yolk on top added more richness to the sauce, but I couldn’t quite taste the smokey flavor. The morsels of uni on top more than made up for the saltiness though.

I have to admit, I ate the pasta so quickly because it was so delicious, by the time the waiter came back to check to see how the pasta was tasting, I had like two strands of bucatini left on the plate. He walked away with a smirk. Oops.

You didn’t think I can leave the place with just ordering one pasta right? This was the nettle spaetzle with black truffle. I know this just look like a mess of greens, especially with the green spaetzle. But they did have a cloud of black truffle slivers on top, enough to add that wonderful earthy flavor to the pasta. While the pecorino added some saltiness to the dish, it wasn’t as heavy as the uni bucatini.

I will probably go back to Waypoint, if I ever go back to Boston. This Cambridge restaurant is actually a second one for Chef Michael Scelfo, who is also the owner of Alden & Harlow, which I dearly relished. Waypoint’s menu also changes quite regularly. The uni bucatini seems to be a regular item on the menu though, thankfully.


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