Passion8 Dessert Cafe: Bingsoo and Injeolmi Toast

In the second part of my recent Korean food date with Nafiza, we hiked up four blocks on Cambie from the Canada line station and finally visited Passion8 Dessert Cafe, after eyeing it for monttthhhsss…It was so worth it.

We tried the Mango Bongo bingsoo(Nafiza debated for a night between the Mango and the Tiramisu bingsoo. It was an agonizing decision. Trust), which had fresh mango, cheesecake, and ice cream on top of a mountain of shaved milk ice. This was very refreshing and not too sweet after our hike. The mango was sweet with a strong mango taste and the shaved ice was milky, creamy and not too watery. The cheesecake chunks, while indulgent, did not seem to mesh as well with the rest of the bingsoo.

The matcha cheesecake was lightly sweet, and a little bitter from the tea. The cheesecake is quite firm, which I prefer, but also a little dry. Honestly, I still prefer the matcha cake from Chicco cafe on Robson. Tiny, little matcha cakes with a powerful bitter punch. Adorable.

My favorite was the injeolmi toast. It came in a beautiful mountain of whipped cream, toasted pecans, flaky pastry, and crunchy toast with a layer of sticky mochi and red bean in between. It was flaky, a little sweet, and sticky from the mochi, a great blend of texture contrast.

I’ll definitely come back and try other treats at Passion8. They have lots of flavors for bingsoo and their toasts are bomb.


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