Yolk of the City at Marutama Ra-men

Recently, I finally dragged my mom, also a ramen egg aficionado, to Marutama Ra-men. Having been there once before and swooning ever since, I have been singing Marutama’s praises for a while.

I got the Aosa Ramen, which comes with a generous helping of the fragant sea lettuce. The sea lettuce tastes a little briny, tender and seems to thicken the magical creamy chicken broth. I really like this combination, it’s rich in flavor but not nauseating. I just wish land lettuce tastes this good. My ramen noodles were quite thick and chewy, which I prefer. However, my favorite thing in the bowl is the ramen egg. I should have taken a photo after I broke it apart, it’s pure eggporn. Luscious orange gold gooey yolk, lightly marinated, with that rich eggy flavor. It’s perfect.

And see, I told you my momma loves ramen egg too! She got the Tan Men, which is veggie ramen, and TWO RAMEN EGGS! TWO!! I was fated to love ramen eggs. I actually quite like the Tan Men. It is still made with their signature chicken broth, but the broth has been infused with the light sweet taste of vegetables. With the vegetables, the tan men is probably their more milder flavored ramens, but I like the light taste of the vegetables. Makes me feel healthy. Momma liked it too.

Will I return? Hell yes. And do as my momma did, get two ramen eggs. Worth. It.

P.S. Unfortunately, the ramen did not taste as good a day later. We had some leftovers and while the broth was still on point, the noodles were limp and yucky.


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