Because I can’t celebrate my birthday without a lil Thomas Haas

Last year, Nafiza bought me the best birthday flower this girl has ever got.

This year, no flowers are necessary, because Thomas Haas recently announced that it would bring back my favorite Thomas dessert during my birth month, May: Stilton Cheesecake. Creamy, cheesy, perfectly firm, lightly sweet with that little blue, fermented twist. Love. It!

Stilton Cheesecake normally comes out during the holiday season, but not during Christmas. With their limited release, they are extra special in my eyes, and extra tasty. Naturally, because Stilton Cheesecake was available in May, I had to go visit to celebrate my birthday.

First, the Stilton Cheesecake. It was delicious as always. The cheesecake itself was perfectly firm and not dry at all, and the blue cheese flavor was subtle. Eaten with a smear of the tart rhubarb compote, the blue cheese flavor was magically more pronounced. The cheesecake also had a crackly, caramelized sugar top, like creme brulee, which added a little burnt sweetness to the rest of the cake. Rest assured, the cheesecake in the photo was one of the two I called in to put on hold for me. One must scheme for cheesecake.

We also got the creamy upside down chocolate souffle. This was the special of the day, and I liked how the green tea flavor in the cream on the bottom was still quite strong, though the chocolate souffle was very chocolatey rich. There was very little oozy chocolate lava in the center of the cake, but still  indulgent and yummy.

Pistachio Sour Cherry Tart. This was the lighter, fruitier tasting dessert we had that day. The sour cherry was fragrant, tart, and you can taste the cognac it was infused in. The pistachio cream inside was quite sweet, but I couldn’t really taste the distinctive pistachio flavor. Still, the tart was delicious and it was a great balance to the other richer options.

Double-baked almond croissant. Thomas Haas’s signature. Aside from the generous amount of toasted sliced almond on top, the inside of the croissant is also filled with sweet and nutty almond paste. The croissant actually weighs a lot with all the additional embellishments, but it was still perfectly flaky. I like this best fresh from the oven, but it’s still delicious when cooled to room temperature. Honestly, Thomas’s almond croissant is so good, and sets the bar so high, I’m afraid to try almond croissants from other bakeries and be disappointed.

Birthday or not, I will return to Thomas. But seriously, why have one big birthday cake, when you can have four different Thomas treats?


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