No-fuss dinner at Tokyo Joe Sushi


Tokyo Joe Sushi is a small, no-fuss, pay at the counter sushi spot in central Richmond. They are great for takeout sushi or a quick lunch/dinner. I like to go there for their sashimi and special sushi rolls. Tokyo Joe also offer other items like teriyakis, udons and others. It’s not really a place for high-end sushi choices with expensive ingredients, but when you want something fast and healthy, Tokyo Joe is a great option.

Wild Sokeye Salmon Sashimi. This was about $17 and look how the fish glistens! I realize that the sashimi might not be sliced in the most proper way, but the salmon did not taste frozen; it was fairly fatty, and it had that nice healthy red hue. At this price and for 10 fatty slices, it’s a steal in Richmond.

Tokyo Joe is most famous for their sushi rolls. From top to bottom, we had the energy roll, the volcano roll and the red dragon roll. These are all quite saucy, and might not be the thing for people that like more traditional sushi, but these rolls were delicious. My favorite that I always get is the volcano roll, for the generous heap of minced spicy tuna they put on top of the california roll. The red dragon roll made with unagi and salmon on top of california rolls were also good. It wasn’t as spicy as the menu said. I did not really like the energy roll, which had salmon tempura, asparagus, kappa with avocado, mango and tobiko on top. The actual roll underneath with salmon tempura and asparagus was very light and fresh tasting but I did not like the taste of sweet mango in the savory roll.

I will most likely go back, to try more of their rolls. I’ve also recently moved closer to the city centre in Richmond, so Tokyo Joe is just a quick walk away. Very convenient.


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