Vietnamese Lunch at Bánh Mì Très Bon


Sorry for disappearing, things have been a little hectic lately!

But, I did find a new lunch spot in Richmond called Bánh Mì Très Bon. It’s a small but very cozy and beautiful cafe that specializes in banh mi, which are Vietnamese sandwiches from Central Vietnam. But they also make great pho. Originally, Momma and I only wanted to get a little taste of the restaurant, order just a couple of dishes, but we ended up going a little cray-cray and even brought in reinforcements to help us eat. Because the food was fantastic!

The green papaya salad with torn pieces of beef jerky and a little pot of fish sauce on the side. This was so refreshing, a little acidic, a little sweet from the beef jerky and very fragrant. It was a great appetizer, and we were all awed by how thin the slivers of green papaya and carrots were.

Chicken pho. This is my first time eating chicken pho and I loved it. Why do we not have more chicken pho in Vancouver? This beats traditional chicken soup like 100 times. The broth was rich, layered, herbaceous but not salty or oily. They had slices of very tender chicken mixed in the broth, not a lot. The rice noodles were chewy and a little thicker, which I liked. This was so comforting and I adored the little fishermen holding a boatful of bean sprouts, lime and basil.

The Pho Très Bon, which is traditional pho with beef tenderloin and meatballs, but the best part is that they also give you a nice chunk of buttery, dreamy bone marrow. The broth with the beef was much darker, and richer. The beef used here is also grass fed and hormone free, so though the pho here is a little pricier than other Vietnamese restaurants, I am very happy about the quality ingredient used. The one thing I did not like was that the thin slices of beef in the broth were not that raw and tender.

The Banh Mi Trio, which were mini sandwiches stuffed with cold cut, meatball and chicken. These were incredible. The baguettes here are made in house, and the bread was very crunchy and airy. My favorite was the banh mi with the slices of chicken, which was so delicious with the pickled radishes and carrots.

The savoury mini crepes. These were a specialty at Bánh Mì Très Bon and they are little rice crepes that’s both crispy and chewy, topped with shrimp and pork. This was probably the oiliest dish out of everything we ordered, but it was really fun to try. They tasted great with the vinegar sauce served on the side.

I had a lot of fun at Bánh Mì Très Bon. The food there was very delicious and I liked knowing that they use good ingredients. Their prices are generally on the higher side, but I think I will come back to try more of the banh mis.

Also, Happy Canada Day for the Canadians, what are you eating?


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