Quickie Lunch at Heritage Asian Eatery

Living in Richmond, I rarely get Chinese food when I’m downtown, but if I do, I most likely go to Heritage Asian Eatery.  I love their rice bowls. Simple and comforting food.

For this trip, I got the pork belly bowl. I liked this more than the duck bowl. While the duck breast was tender, the Peking sauce was a little too salty when I had it. The pork belly was perfect. The fat was creamy, with tender meat and gentle on the sauce. It was delicious with the slow-cooked, gooey yolk ramen egg, pickled slaw and kimchi daikon. The bowl is also so aesthetically pleasing, no?

I also got the fried cauliflower with five spice rub as a side. I usually eat fried cauliflower in Lebanese restaurants, where the cauliflower was seasoned with lots of garlic and lemon. The five spice rub by comparison was much milder tasting, but it was still spicy and just a hint sweet, like they sprinkled just the barest amount of sugar on top. Delicious.

Yes, I’ll go back, just because I want to try other rice bowls. And they have brunch!

Have you guys tried this place yet?



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