Late Night at Sulmida Korean Dessert Cafe

I have been exploring different restaurants in my neighborhood in Richmond. I tried out Sulmida after having dinner at Tokyo Joe, which was also delicious. Sulmida Korean Dessert Cafe have locations both in Burnaby, near Metrotown, and in central Richmond. Sulmida only opens later in the afternoon to cater to late night dessert people. They offer different flavors of Korean bingsoo and lava toast bread. Naturally, I had to try both.

The sweet red bean bingsoo with slightly mashed red bean, almond slices and mochi bits covered in injeolmi powder. Most of their bingsoo comes in the small, ‘single’ and full sizes. This was a single, and I thought it was plenty to share between two people. The red bean wasn’t too sweet, and the mochi bits were still quite soft and chewy, which was delicious. I really liked the milky ice, it was very light and fluffy and there was also more red bean inside to mix with the rest of the milky ice.

You have probably seen the green tea lava toast bread on Instagram. I can tell you that not only is it gram-worthy, it is also delicious! The lava is actually custard cream which flows out into a puddle once you pull apart the bread. I would have included a photo, but honestly, this is a very messy dessert to eat. The custard lava did not flow prettily, so I’ll spare you the crime scene photo.

Whole wheat, multigrain bread are well and good, but when it comes to these toast box desserts, it must be Asian white toast. I’m not kidding. These toasts are so fluffy and milky, but not too buttery like brioche, I love them. The bread gets toasted in the oven here, so it is a little dry and can hold its shape under all the custard cream, ice cream and what not piled on top here. Unfortunately, with all the ice cream and oreo crumbs, and whipped cream, the bitter taste of the green tea basically disappears. This dessert is a little dramatic and a little too sweet, but delicious once in a while.

This place is also within walking distance from my home. Haha. I know where to go when those late night sweet tooth moments arrive.

Where do you guys like to go for late night dessert?


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