Chinatown mishmash dinner: Fried Chicken & Plant-based pizza

Recently on a trip to Chinatown, Momma and I were planning to go to Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, but for some reasons I cannot remember, Bao Bei was not open. A little disappointed but still hungry, we decided to explore the neighborhood. Because I only live in Vancouver for a few months every year now, all the new developments and restaurants in Chinatown was very exciting to me. Everything looks so shiny and new!

We headed into Juke Fried Chicken first. As you can see, we were a little conservative in our order. I swear the waiter side-eyed us when she saw we ordered so little to share between the two of us. Now I wish we ordered more, because praise the Fried Chicken Gods, this was amazing!

Our two pieces of fried chicken was juicy, tender and the batter, which a little thick, was still crispy. The fried chicken paired great with the sweet molasses sauce on the table and the spicy sauce.

The sweet and sticky pork ribs were also very flavorful, smokey and tender. I think it’ll taste better with a little more spicy sauce. The East Asian Peanut Slaw was also very fresh, crunchy and just acidic enough to be a great palate cleanser from all the meat.

Next, after all that meat, we needed some veggies for balance so we headed to Virtuous Pie that specializes in plant-based pizza.

After a very, very long wait(I understand it was during the dinner rush and I love that they make all the pizza to order, so it’s fresh and piping hot. But we waited about 45 minutes for two pies, and in a pretty stuff and hot room, just because the oven was right there in the open kitchen beside the dining area), our pies arrived and we devoured them promptly.

Stranger Wings(on the right) made with bianca, spicy buffalo cauliflower, crispy fried shallots, blue cheese drizzle and scallions. I love their pizza names, and the cauliflower was spiced quite aggressively. With the fresh from the oven pie, this was very hot and delicious.

Kim-Jack pie(on the left) with hoisin crema, cashew mozarella, kimchi, gochujang braised jackfruit, roast broccolini, and scallion. This is probably the most ‘Asian’ tasting pie. Kim-Jack was much spicier than Stranger Wings, probably because of the gochujang, and the pizza also sort of look like Asian stir-fry with greens. I actually prefer Stranger Wings, just because I can taste distinct flavors in that one, while in Kim-Jack, the spice was so strong, it kind of overpowered other flavors in the pie.

After the two pies, we were too stuffed to try out the vegan ice cream, which was very unfortunate. They have tumeric and black pepper ice cream! How cool is that? Obviously, I’m going back for the ice cream, and probably another pie or two. But I will be avoiding the rush hour time.

Have you guys tried Virtuous Pie? I did feel quite virtuous after eating the two pies, I felt stuffed, but I know I was filling my stomach with healthy, clean food.


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