Reliving my teenage goth phase with Mister’s Coconut Ash

Black ice cream has arrived in Vancouver!!

You know those social media obsessions that come every so often(unicorn frappe, I’m looking at you), and drive everyone nuts? Mister’s new summer flavor, coconut ash, smells like one of those. This looks like a flavor meant for instagram-crazed people, and I, being one of those IGers, happily dragged Nafiza on the stinky, hot Canada line and went to get our black ice cream. We did it for the ‘gram. It was #gramworthy.

It looks gorgeous, no? Please note how I specifically painted my nails black in order to do the photo. The things you do for ‘gram, seriously. How does it taste? Not bad, the coconut flavor was quite subtle, not overpowering. For some reason, the scoops in the cone was meltier and creamier than when they pack the ice cream in the cups. I’m not sure if this is because the coconut ash flavor makes the ice cream a little meltier. The black ice cream does get everywhere though. After we ate, we spent some time attacking each other with napkins to get rid of the black. I managed to get some on my nose and around my mouth, it was a great look, I tell you.

Also, the fabulous Morgenstern’s ice cream in New York City also has a black ice cream called coconut ash. Morgenstern’s doesn’t make liquid nitrogen ice cream like our Vancouver Mister does. But I’m just wondering if Mister also burnt the coconut shells into ash in order to get the black color? Or did they use charcoal?

Have you tried the black ice cream yet?


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