Straight-up Durian smoothie at I.ce Queen

*Ahem, I want to take this opportunity here to proclaim that I am firmly in the Durian Lover camp. I understand some people refuse to touch this spiky, fragrant, creamy fruit with a 50-foot pole. For me, Durian is gold. It’s not the King of Fruits for nothing.

Whenever someone cracks open a durian, particularly a nice and ripe one, you will know. It’s cloying, lingering fragrance is its calling card. If you eat or drink too much of it, the taste will also stay in your mouth, overpower anything else with subtle flavors that you consume after, and you’ll likely have durian burps hours after. True fact.

This is the Smelly Durian Drink at the I.ce Queen shop in Aberdeen Square. I don’t really like the name “Smelly Durian;” I don’t think it truly represents the fact that drinking this is like taking a venti shot of durian, neat. Yes, the durian here is blended into a smoothie with coconut milk, but the durian really overpowers the coconut flavor here. I didn’t understand why they cut up some kiwi to put on top, but when I got to the bottom of the cup, the little kiwi cubes were like little tart cubes of palate cleanser, which was nice. But my breath still smelled like durian after. Ha.

Also, the staff here are super nice. They made this for me, even though when I first went to the shop, they didn’t actually have the ingredients prepped to make the drink. Still, my drink was in my hands 20 minutes later. Very impressed and grateful they satisfied my durian craving.

Have you tried this yet? I think it’s a treat for durian lovers that can’t get fresh durian here in Vancouver. Durian novices beware, share this with a friend first!



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