Virtuous Brunch at Jamjar on Granville

When I found out that Jamjar was opening on South Granville, I was super excited. Finally, I don’t have to go all the way to Commercial Drive for some healthy and tasty Lebanese food! Naturally, when I came home this summer, I had to visit. Jamjar took over Vij’s Rangoli’s old place, and they are thriving.

My momma and I visited Jamjar recently and this is our spread. Momma had the Samkeh Harra lunch platter, which had pan-fried Pacific cod, with tahini, cilantro, green pepper and tomatoes, paired with a tabbouleh salad and brown rice. The cod was cookedto a tender, buttery perfection. Very comforting and balanced well against the rather acidic tabbouleh salad. I really liked that they also gave us some of their signature dips. Momma and I both liked the spinach tahini dip, just because it’s like a super efficient way to eat veggies, and the spicy hummus dip worked really well with the fish.

In the middle we shared the Fatteh Benny, which had two poached eggs on top of chickpeas with garlic, cumin and lemon juice, and there were pieces of deep fried, crispy pita and a yogurt garlic sauce. This is apparently a Lebanese specialty, and I highly recommend it. The benny was incredibly flavorful and comforting. The chickpea stew on the bottom was both spicy and kind of acidic from the lemon juice, but a great way to wake up the taste buds. The deep fried pita added some crunch to the plate, and they were great for scooping up the chickpea on the bottom. I was too busy eating then to take a photo, but the two poached eggs were nice and runny and added more richness to the dish.

I had the deep fried cauliflower platter with a fattoush salad and brown rice. I love Jamjar’s deep fried cauliflower. It’s so garlicky and lemony, slightly crispy outside and soft in the middle, it’s incredible. However, I think for next time, I will have a mix of both cauliflower and falafels, just because the cauliflowers tasted a little too acidic at the end. But still enjoyable.

Have you tried Jamjar at their new location yet? I would definitely return when I have the opportunity. Also, I made the mistake of underestimating the portions. I saw the thin rectangle plates, so I thought, since we’re eating mostly vegetables, this should be pretty easy to finish. Dear lord, my momma and I almost had to wrap some food up to go. There is a lot of food on those little plates. Seriously!


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