Yummy Bossam Lunch at Samsoonie Noodle & Rice

I love bossam. If I visit a Korean restaurant and I see it on the menu, there is a 90% chance that I will order it. Something about the tender and spiced pork belly slices, wrapped in kimchi, herbs and lettuce just makes my mouth water.

I met up with a friend recently, and in my search for a restaurant to meet at, I found out that Samsoonie, a tiny Korean restaurant within a 10 minute walk from my apartment, makes bossam. Samsoonie requires a two hour notice for the bossam, but dear lord, the bossam was worth the extra planning.

We got the small order of the bossam, which is still a generous portion between two people. The pork belly was really tender, not oily at all, and because they gave us a lot of kimchi, radishes and lettuce leaves, the pork belly wraps were not heavy tasting at all. In fact, the bossam tasted healthy. The spice from the kimchi and gochujang also cut down the richness of the pork belly. The pork belly also worked well with the raw jalapeno slices and raw garlic slices.

We also got the seafood pancake. While it was filling, the bossam tasted better. I wish the pancake was not as doughy. While I could see the squid and green onion they used, the pancake needed more flavor.

The beef kimbap was surprisingly tasty. I could tell that it was freshly made, with the rice still slightly warm. The pickled vegetables added crunch and freshness to the rolls and the beef and omelette in the roll made it satisfying. This work as a great appetizer.

I would definitely go back to Samsoonie. They also have great pork katsu and their ramen bowls are huge. I saw many people order ramen while we had lunch there.

Have you ever had bossam?


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