Summer 2018: A Potential List

So summer is finally here. Well okay, almost here. And Ramadan is almost over and I am still alive. And I don’t have any deadlines right now and though Teng is studying for the bar, I’m sure she can make time for food. SO, we’re going to make a list of all the places we need to check out. Some are my own choices, some are Teng’s, and some we both want to check out.

  1. Izakaya Gon (Lunch? Dinner?)
  2. Dosanko (I want lunch and Teng wants their dinner. We’ll probably end up going there twice.
  3. Guu Gastown (lunch)
  4. Tacofino Gastown. I want try out the new additions to their menu.
  5. Yolk (Truffle fries!!) (Teng: ahem, that’s truffle lemon hash browns, and yes they are delicious!)
  6. Dundas Eat + Drink (I want their Dungeness Dundas nachos)
  7. Miso Horny (With a name like that, you had to have known we would want to go there) (I hope it’s still open.)
  8. The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe (I don’t know if we’ll make it here but the ramen looks amazing.)
  9. Baker & Table Cafe (I want their melonpan!!!)
  10. Yandoux (though I have to find out if they use gelatin in their patisserie. If they do, I can’t eat them.)
  11. The Holy Crab (their lobster rolls though O.O)
  12. Uncle Tetsu (we just have to brave the lineup)
  13. Richmond Night Market  (I’m SO READY FOR THIS)
  14. Garlic & Cilantro (whenever it finally opens)
  15. November Dessert (photos look promising!)
  16. MacKenzie Room (they change their menu regularly and one day, I just may Want It All!)
  17. St. Lawrence (my new favorite, Quebecois/Canadian food, so comforting)
  18. Nightingale (been eyeing this restaurant forever, I will get there eventually)
  19. Maenam (I want dinner!)
  20. Sweet Memory (Taiwanese dessert place in Richmond, reading the menu makes me want to go back)
  21. Burdock & Co (their food looks gorgeous!)
  22. nana’s green tea (their matcha is strong but not bitter, I just want to make my way through the rest of the menu)
  23. Coquille Fine Seafood (I want that crab dip!)
  24. L’Abbatoir (brunch!!)

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